Love is a choice. Choose to love you, just as you are. #livefreebeFIT

I’ve struggled with weight and body image my whole life. And in the last few years I’m learning to love me and develop a new relationship with my self; mind, body, soul.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey. It’s not a diet, it’s not found in a pill or a shake mix, and it’s definitely not a one size fits all. It’s personal, emotional, and complicated… and some times messy. But, it starts with commitment. A commitment to yourself to take steps to deal with all the nonsense society has told us on what beauty is and focus on being present and engaged in this thing called life. Because after all we only get one!

How we take care of ourselves now, will influence the quality of life we have later on. For me, maybe being over 40 was a wake up call, definitely yoga had a big influence on re-learning how to listen, recognizing tomorrow isn’t promised, recognizing that beauty is a mindset, finding personal acceptance is a heart thing not numbers on a scale or social media’s version.  I started with meal prepping (The Sensible Foodie), found yoga, lost almost 100lbs, and through that experience it taught me 3 important lessons. 1) I had to be really open to change and have faith to forgive and “let be” things in the past that I allowed to hold me back, 2) change my mindset and prioritize time for self care which allows me to feel good and love my family the way they deserve, 3) you really can eat anything and still lose weight because it’s all about balance including stress management.

My mission is to find ways to continue to uplift and encourage other women that may be struggling every day like me. There’s no judgment here. There’s just love, compassion, and grace. God’s grace is sufficient. That’s really the morale of the story. And if His grace is sufficient, then why don’t we extend grace to ourselves?

Live Free! Choose with me to be healthy inside and out, and put the effort daily that aligns with that intent. Mind. Body. Soul. Faith Inspired Transformation (F.I.T.) is about having faith that you can do hard things, that you can forgive, and you can find the peace you’re searching for. Join me on this journey together! Subscribe today!

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