Yoga Affiliate Products

If you are looking to start your yoga practice, below are products that I recommend.

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Yoga Mat

Yoga mats with alignment lines like this Heathyoga ProGrip is perfect for anyone new to yoga. The alignment lines teach you hand and foot placement and support learning poses from the mat up. Great for someone new to yoga.

Yoga Mat By Zyia

Another great option for starting a practice. The color is beautiful and its light weight. Great for indoor or outdoor practice. No alignment lines, just the beautiful Zyia moon design.

Yoga Towels

Sweat happens. This is my favorite yoga towel both for my mat and for my hands. It’s quick drying and is durable for regular washing. Great for Hot Yoga!

Yoga Blanket

Practice outside or use for restorative. These blankets are heavier weight and wash nicely. The colors are beautiful and look nice under your mat if you’re practicing on grass.

Large Bolsters

For restorative, this is a key yoga prop. It’s larger in size and is not overly firm but provides ample support for savasana or child’s pose for longer periods of time. This is one of my favorite props. I sometime use just watching TV;)

Wrist and Knees Pad

Yoga jellies are such a great accessory to make sure your wrists and knees have a little extra cushion between you and the floor.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

There are so many options for SUP Yoga Boards. The inflatable ones are easy to store and with the air pump on this page, take no time to inflate. This particular board comes with a manual pump (don’t recommend, takes way too much energy) and other accessories to get you ready to hit the water!

Traveling, no problem!

Need yoga on the go? This is a great travel mat that fits nicely in your suitcase. Use in your hotel room or visit a studio while your far away from home. This mat is thinner, but you could always put over top of a borrowed studio mat or on carpenter and not worry about touching a borrowed surface.

Yoga Socks

Don’t like to be barefoot? No problem. These are my favorite yoga socks. Great for studio practice. Especially on cold days or if you are practicing on new surfaces and you want to make sure you keep your grip!

Yoga block and strap set

Yoga blocks are absolutely a must! They support you during your practice. I never practice without either of these! Supported fish or any pose where you need to add for support under your legs or back. The softer surface feels nice.

Cork Yoga Blocks

For some poses, you made need a slightly harder yoga block. For example, if you are working on crow pose. Standing on the soft blocks is unstable. The core blocks add stability.

Eye Mask

Great for mediation, ending your practice in savasana, or in a Restorative yoga practice, this eye mask will make you feel like you are being pampered at the spa. The gentle scent of lavender, slightly weighted, and the insert can even be warmed to create a wonderful feeling of tranquility.

Yoga Duffle Bag

We all need some help at times to keep our stuff together and organized. This is a great option to have your mat, towels, and props ready for class.

Outdoor Electric Air Pump

Plug into your car’s 12V DC plug. Comes with all the adapters you’ll need. Pumps my paddle board up to 12PSI in about 5 minutes.

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